This Shouldn’t End Well But Somehow Does

Canada’s #1 golf influencer recently posted this Instagram reel that shows him daring the golf gods on Olympic View’s iconic 17th hole…

Ontario’s Mac Boucher has close to 400,000 followers on Instagram and he has a full-time gig traveling around the world hitting golf balls.

He recently was on Vancouver Island teeing it up at Olympic View GC. His heroic second shot on the waterfall 17th has to be one of the most potentially dangerous shots we have seen in a while.

Amazingly - and luckily from a dental perspective -  the 34-year old pulled off the 210-yard shot missing the tree on the right by only a couple of inches.

But to be honest, luck may not have that much to do with it. Boucher has some real golfing chops having qualified for the the PGA Tour Canada in the past. These days he is known for his ability to hit some impressive trick shots on the course.

See the full Olympic View reel HERE
He has also posted some other clips from courses around BC. Here is one from Bear Mountain where he plays the par-three 14th hole in a mirror image hitting two tee shots... one normally, the other left-handed and turning the club upside down.

See the reel for both shots HERE

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