Top Five Images From Social Media

Our round-up of eye-catching images from social media and websites up and down the island...

Newt Crossing At Morningstar

Morningstar Superintendent, Ryan O’Halloran, caught this little fellow crossing one of their cart paths early one morning in mid-March.

In an Instagram post, O’Hallorans said, "We think he is a Roughskin Newt - found near wetlands and forest in the south coast area of BC. If we are correct (and if there are newt experts who can confirm!) that orange underbelly is a warning to not touch them. They secrete a neurotoxin so you'll want to keep your dogs away too! Just one of our many forms of wildlife that make Morningstar their home.”

It turned out they did not have to go too far to find an expert. Greens crew member Kyle Jones replied, “Self-proclaimed newt expert here! They do produce a neurotoxin but only when threatened and it is deadly when ingested. Handling usually doesn't cause them to excrete but it's better not to try and if you do just use a glove or wash your hands. I have had to move many and many off of greens before mowing. For some unknown reason to me, in the morning when they're all going on their morning commute, they will all be heading in the same direction (usually west) no matter where they were on the course!”
By The Way… In researching this piece, we came across a pretty funny but useful youtube that Kyle did on fixing ball marks. See it HERE


There are many great backdrops to golf courses here on Vancouver Island. One of the more unique and spectacular ones is when snow is dusting Mt. Arrowsmith while you can be playing golf in double-digit degree Celsius weather. This picture posted by the folks at Pheasant Glen on Instagram from mid-March is simply awesome.


“Love getting to spend time with the SD62 kids @RoyalColwoodGC…  What a great group of kids!” Royal Colwood’s professional staff runs a lot of junior programs. This image posted on X/Twitter is for School District 62 whose program is run by Randy Dunbar. Shown are the members of the SC62 Academy plus professionals Mac McLeod and Craig Young. Shout out to Young who is celebrating 25 years as a PGA of Canada member and 23 years at Royal Colwood.


This great picture was taken by professional photographer and PGA of BC Pro Chelsey Sweet-COulter (@CSweetMedia) during the Super Bowl Sunday Scramble held at Highland Pacific. In a post to X/Twitter, Highland Pacific said, “Thanks to our members and guests who came out in support of our first event of the year!”

You can contact Chelsey to bring a professional lens and eye to your next tournament by contacting her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zone Six (Chemainus GC and North) has a very active Junior Tour with a whopping 15 events over a 14-week period. Shown above are two of the Tour’s competitors showing some great swings. The inset image is their “Junior of the Year” trophy. Additional annual “Keeper” trophies have been crafted each year by brothers Edgar and Herb Rice of ‘Coast Salish Journey’. Edgar has passed on and Herb, a Master Wood Carver of the Snunaymuxm (Nanaimo) nation, carries on the tradition. Herb has given permission that we, BCGA Zone 6 Juniors, be allowed to adopt the ‘Bear’ as our Emblem. Find out more HERE

Bonus Image #1

This image shows how Victoria Golf Club's Agronomy department continues to be cutting-edge (pun intended). Each GPS point allows Superintendent Paul Robertson to measure moisture content in the soil precisely. This information can be used to control the amount of watering needed and identify if there is a break in an irrigation line.   
During a five-day Spring course aeration/reno, more than a record 900 GPS points (measurements) were collected in one day. See a video of the first day of work HERE


Bonus Image #2

Long Beach GC is one of the best nine-hole tracks in the province but the Wild West Coast weather can mean a round of golf can be hit or miss. No more... Their indoor simulator setup looks like a must-play.

Find out more HERE