Jeff Palmer's Anti "Trail Side Sway" Drill

A lot of players struggle with swaying off the golf ball.  Here is an easy drill from Highland Pacific Golf’s Executive Professional Jeff Palmer to help correct this...

Moving laterally to the trailing side is never good.

A lot of players struggle with using the ground and we see a lot of weekend players swaying off the golf ball moving laterally to their trailing side, the leading foot coming off of the golf ball, resulting in all sorts of mishaps.

This drill is going to help us feel like we can use the ground and stay centred over the golf ball and help us produce a descending action into the golf ball.

First, we're going to align the golf ball directly off of our toes in the leading leg.

We will place about 90% of our weight on that lead foot, in line with the centre of the lead leg and this will help you stay very balanced, trying to resist swing of golf balls.

I hope this very simple, very effective drill helps you.

See the video version HERE

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