Andy Johnson Pro Tips

Andy has opened the amazing looking Prime Simulators in Nanaimo but don’t forget he’s also a top-rate instructor. Here are two great tips he has posted to Instagram…

Prime Simulators may be “Nanaimo's premier indoor golf facility” but Andy is also a top-flight teacher. Andy sums up his philosophy on their website this way;

“We’re golfers. Plain and simple. We love this game, and it’s that passion that drives everything we do at Prime Golf. A passion to bring the best launch monitor and golf simulator technology in the world to Nanaimo golfers. A passion to make golf more accessible to everyone, no matter the skill level, age, or experience level. Golf is fun. It’s maddening. It’s beautiful. It’s humbling. It will test every part of your character, and you can experience it all with us at Prime Golf!"

Here are two tips that can really help you…

Losing control of the club at the top? Poor ball striking? Use the SPLIT HANDS DRILL. Hold the club in your lead hand, hinge the shaft to horizontal, slide the trail hand down to the steel, then turn and pull with the trail hand. Creating width, rotation and club control at the top of the backswing.

The best way to see this one is to go to Andy’s Instagram page but we have included transcripts here just in case that will help. (Transcribed by
Here is the link

The spine angle tilt at address is crucial so you can turn behind the ball.
Right hand below left creates that spine tilt.
You're nice and balanced on your feet.
And then you turn to the top and stop.
And you really notice how you're able to turn that left shoulder behind the ball in a great position there.
And then you can load. That's right. Awesome.

In the office or at home, club across the chest.
Tilt the spine.
Turn the club head behind the ball.
Shift the pressure and go. Awesome.

Fo more visit his website HERE