Zone Five Men’s Championship Setting Up For Big Turf War

Look for some really fast and super-smooth greens at both Olympic View and Arbutus Ridge during the Zone Men’s Championship later this month, not to mention some serious trash talking...

The Zone Five Men’s Championship is set for May 13th at Arbutus Ridge and May 14th at Olympic View and this year, there will be some unusual competition for top honours.

Normally, it’s the golfers who are fighting it out but this time there will be an additional team event between two greenskeeping crews for who will be battling it out for the best greens for the tournament.

The slightly tongue-in-cheek challenge was started when Olympic View’s Superintendent T-Jay Creamer took to - where else - Twitter, posting a pretty funny message and photo directed at Arbutus Ridge’s Superintendent Jess Atmore.

“I hear we have a Home & Home event in a couple weeks with the Zone 5 mens event. How about a little competition on the side? Seems my Mean Muggin’ crew would prefer a street fight, but I’ve settled them down into a battle for best greens. You & your Team in?!?!”

Creamer and crew brandishing turf equipment like Jason from Friday The 13th.

Atmore accepted with a jab back at their opponents questioning their golf skills, “Your guys look scary and all, but I’ve seen them play. So you’re on!”

A somewhat more relaxed group at Arbutus Ridge talking tactics for mowing down their opponents.

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