Q&A With Evan Dyki: The Island's Newest Class "A" Professional

The Royal Colwood Professional has successfully completed the National Training Academy and now becomes a Class "A" Professional...

Dyki who has been on the Royal Colwood staff since April earned the designation by completing a set number of courses/modules as part of the PGA of Canada Training Academy. The curriculum is based off world-leading industry research on the needs, roles, and expectations of golf professionals in Canada from stakeholders, employers, and members themselves.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Evan has been working in the golf business for 10 years joining the PGA of Canada in 2016. He moved to Victoria in March 2020 and over to Royal Colwood from Bear Mountain.

Why did you become a PGA of Canada Professional?
For me it was a complete no-brainer. The role of a golf professional is very diverse and encapsulates many of my interests. I feel extremely fortunate to share my passion with others every single day.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of the PGA of BC?
Being immediately injected into a community of great professionals. You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome. Cheers guys and gals!

At which golf facility did you first begin working within the industry, and who was the PGA Professional?
A brand new 27-hole golf course called The Quarry in Northeast Edmonton under Taylor Scinski and Daniel Philpott. I spent my first season there, ringing in green fees in a temporary trailer while the clubhouse was under construction.

Who has influenced your career the most, and how?
My mentor and brother, Kevin Chow, Head Professional at Blackhawk Golf Club. His passion for the game, leadership, creativity and vision are all second to none.

What career path led you to where you are today?
A healthy mix of various roles in golf operations and instruction.

Which significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
Graduating from the University of Alberta with a Degree in Kinesiology. Passing my PAT and joining the PGA. Shooting under par a couple times. Being in the top 0.1% of Eric Church listeners on Spotify

If you had to share one piece of advice with a new member of our Association, what would it be?
Trust your instincts and pursue what makes you and others happy. Be helpful always, and accept great opportunities when they come your way.

What is your most cherished golf memory?
Playing The Old Course at St. Andrews with my Dad. That’s a special memory we’ll both hang on to for a very long time. Shortly after, I was able to successfully complete my PAT at Alberta Springs at the end of summer in 2016.

What is your favourite golf course in British Columbia, and why?
Long Beach Golf Course, Tofino. What a beautiful place and uniquely rugged. So much character. Endlessly challenging. Finished with a birdie and can’t wait to go back!

What is a common misconception that golfers make about what your job entails?
I mean, generally speaking, people think all we do is play golf all day and they’re absolutely incorrect.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that doesn't involve golf?
I have an artificial hip! True story. Had an unfortunate spill on my mountain bike and ended up in hospital with a broken leg that required an immediate hip replacement. Luckily, now I’m able to walk and carry my bag for 18 holes! Wouldn’t mind a cart for the second round of a two-day event.

Evan cane reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.